Princess & Co.


Everything was perfect! The kids loved it! Spiderman was so awesome. He included all of the children, he was friendly, kind, and so much fun. Will defiantly be booking other characters using princess & co.
— Tina B. from San Antonio (09/19/2015)
Elsa was great. She interacted with the kids wonderfully, was very sweet and entertaining. Her singing voice was beautiful. The children enjoyed talking and playing with her. The adults commented on what a great job she did.
— Sabrena L. from San Antonio (08/29/2015)
As we expected Cinderella got to my daughter’s 3er birthday on time. As soon as she got into the party she got my daughter’s attention. The look in her tiny eyes the way she smiled it’s just something I would never forget! We loved when she sang she has a lovely voice. I’m so glad I booked with you! Thanks for making my little Cinderella so happy!!!
— Carolina B. from Austin (09/6/2015)
The owner from Princess & Co was very tentative, personable and extremely helpful. You can tell she strives to make each experience as wonderful as possible. Additionally, their rates are very reasonable compared to others. Batman and his assistant arrived on time and my son was so excited. All in all, it was a great experience and I would recommend Princess & Co to others as well as use them again for our party needs.
— Cynthia S. from Austin (02/15/2015)
We had Princess Elsa come for my daughters 3rd birthday. Most of the kids loved her and participated in the games and songs. My daughter was scared at first but then she warmed up to Princess Elsa and thought it was so cool she was at her house. Definitely would recommend this company to everyone. They followed up the day before like they said they would and they called 10 minutes before arriving like they said they would.
— Kristen H. from Stockdale (09/6/2015)
These ladies entertained at my three year old birthday party and were fantastic! On time, super friendly, and sang beautifully. I recommend them any day!
— Jaime from San Antonio (07/11/2015)
My daughter and company were talking about “Anna” for hours after the event. Beautiful performance!
— Corina Z. from Cedar Park (05/9/2015)
From the moment Cinderella arrived, all the little girls at the party were surrounding her, loading her with questions and excitement! She was so professional and had really creative answers to all of their questions! My daughter woke up this morning and asked if Cinderella could come back over and play again today. Really great experience
— Katie from Little River Academy (08/29/2015)
These people were super professional Ash (pokemon) did an amazing job my son and his friends were amazed Sofia the first did great as well they both stayed in character the whole time of the party it just seemed like the hpur went by super fast would have loved to have had them stay longer but it was linf of pricy they face painter did a great job she stayed until all the kids that were in line went through so many guests asked me for their number because they were so impressed i am definitely hiring them next year
— Carolina M. from San Antonio (04/11/2015)
It was so much fun having Cinderella and Belle walk in to a room of 91 surprised princesses. They had no clue who would be coming to our Princess Day Event and were in awe. The looks on their little faces were priceless. Thank you Princess & Co. for making our evening unforgettable!
— Aseneth F. from San Antonio (02/20/2015)
The girls were amazing! I booked them for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. They showed up right on time. Elsa and Ana were very patient and kind to the little girls. They know any Disney song you can think of, and their voices are beautiful. They stayed in character the whole time, very professional. I would definitely recommend them to everybody!
— Ashley M. from Seguin (06/14/2015)
Such wonderful young ladies! Elsa and Anna greeted the children warmly and focused on my granddaughter (the birthday girl). They were both professional and engaging. There were a ton of fun moments during their visit, but the three that I will remember the most were when Elsa hugged my granddaughter when they met, the joy of her being crowned a true Princess and when they left, my granddaughter went to the street waving goodbye. A fun experience. Thank you!
— Patty O. from Austin (05/16/2015)
Anna and Elsa were fantastic! My 4 year old was overwhelmed at first when her favorite characters came to life on her birthday. Very professional and easy to work with. From answering questions and booking all the way to when it was time to leave, always friendly and courteous.

During the party, it took some time and effort to get my daughter past the shyness. Anna and Elsa were wonderfully flexible and made her feel like she was a birthday princess. They remained in character the entire time. Even my older children were excited and interacting. Children and adults alike had a wonderful time. It truly was a magical afternoon.

I highly recommend Princess and Co. for your event. Prices are very reasonable, communication, professionalism and the event were outstanding. I will be booking with them again.
— Jason L. from San Antonio (05/17/2015)
Elsa was such a hit at the party. My daughter was so happy to spend her special day with Elsa. Elsa stayed in character the entire party and made it a very magical day. We will definitely spread the word to friends and family... thank you so much!
— Angelica A. from Austin (03/14/2015)
Face Painting Party - kiddos and adults enjoyed her bubbly personality. I was extremely satisfied and would with no doubt hire them again. Thank you...Thank you for making our celebration a hit.
— Margie R. from San Antonio (03/7/2015)
Thank you for making my daughters’ party extra magical. “Snow queen” was great with the kids and was so patient when the birthday girl was too shy to participate at first but by the end of the party they were best buddys. You won’t be disappointed!
— Kim S. from Austin (01/10/2015)
I was helping host a university-sponsored Halloween carnival for children in the local community. The night before the event, one of the Princess & Co. character actors suggested bringing Anna and Elsa to the carnival. Even though we had no money left in the budget, Princess & Co. acted overnight to arrange for Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff to show up for free. The dedication and generosity of Princess & Co. was amazing, and the characters became the carnival’s biggest attraction.
— Lea K. from Austin (10/28/2014)
We got to meet the princesses at the park, and they were both so beautiful (and they had lovely singing voices too!). What really stuck out, though, was the personal attention they paid to each child. Because it was a public event, there were dozens and dozens of kids, but there was never any sense of rushing or impersonableness. The girls took the time to ask each child his or her name, ask them a question or two about themselves, and talk to them in character. EVERYONE was special! That kind of personal attention really goes above and beyond what I expected.
— Mary D. from Austin (12/27/2014)
For a special 3 year old birthday celebration, I searched for that unique party element. What could a grandfather do for that special one that would be fun and memorable? Princess & Co. delivered and exceeded expectations! The planning segment was flawless. Each email and phone call had fast response with clear answers to the questions. The performer was exactly on time including the 10 minute in advance of arrival phone call. The performer was quite focused on the party child and knew how to handle the more challenging moments. There was no sense of rush or distraction. A strong recommendation is the only option!
— Brad L. from Austin (01/24/2015)
We had Rapunzel, Elsa, and Cinderella come to my three year olds birthday party yesterday and they were absolutely amazing!!! They gave undivided attention to the birthday girl and did so many activities with all the little girls. Even the parents enjoyed watching the little girls have so much fun! Skip Disney.... These girls are sooooo much better!!! They kept character the entire time and their costumes were perfect! We will definitely be using them again - and make sure you ask for the one that can sing - she was incredible!!!!
— Katy M. from Boerne (08/16/2015)
I first saw Princess & Co. at Longhorn Halloween here in Austin, TX. My little girl was Elsa for Halloween and my little boy was Olaf. Luckily The Snow Queen and Snow Princess were there and my daughter was just starstruck! They were so kind to her and took many pictures with her. I loved them so much that I booked them (the same Queen and Princess too) for my daughter’s 4th birthday party and it was a HUGE hit! All of the kids loved them. They were super patient and NEVER broke character, even with the adults. It was so much fun. They posed for pictures, sang with them (and had beautiful voices), and even reminded all of the kids to use their princess manners while eating birthday cake! Everything down to the booking was super professional and that made everything so easy and worry-free. I would recommend this group for ANY party or event for your kiddos!
— Alexis L. from Austin (12/13/2014)
My daughter Sophie turned 8 and she wanted a ‘FROZEN’ party at the house. I thought I would look into some entertainment ideas, so I would not have to try to lead a craft or games or anything and just enjoy the party for once; so, I looked for balloon artists or face painters and I accidentally found GigSalad and Elsa impersonators. WOW! What a concept and how fun for these impersonators. I am jealous. I booked the Snow Queen (Elsa) through Princess & Co. based on the pictures, the Elgin library video and the awesome review. I was thrilled to book the actual girl in the Elgin video and she was FABULOUS! My daughter was simply awestruck, as were the rest of the girls at the party. Lots of questions and comments and opinions were threw her way and she did not flinch, not once. She was very prepared and well-versed in ‘FROZEN” facts. She was able to field anything the kids threw her way. We are in San Antonio and the girl came in from Austin, called 10 minutes before arriving, and spent a full hour entertaining the kids. I thought the hour was worth every penny and I was able to enjoy the party and sit back with other adults to watch our kids be amazed by the REAL Elsa.
— Lorraine K. from San Antonio (03/22/2015)
We had Princess Belle for our 4 year olds birthday party. She was great. She kept the children entertained, and sang beautifully. I had several people ask for their info at the conclusion of the party.
— Laura B. from San Antonio (07/5/2015)
The two princesses were very nice and extremely good with all the kids. My daughter had the most amazing time. Thank you
— Robert B. from San Antonio (06/28/2015)
We had Tinkerbell and her sister Periwinkle show up to a fairy themed party for my 4 year old daughter. They were very quick to call me when they were close & one had gotten a little lost (our neighborhood is a little hard to get to). Either way, the lines of communication were open and great. They showed up in full character and only had to adjust their wings when they got there. The fairies did wonderful in interacting with about 25 kids all at once. They got bombarded by little party guests within 3 steps of stepping on to the porch where the kids were waiting for the fairy surprise. The fairies knew their stuff with talking to the kids about pixie dust, other fairy characters and had even answered why some other fairies weren’t able to make it to the party without skipping a beat. The makeup & costume attire are AWESOME and looked very clean, professional and well cared for and completely child appropriate for little ones. I searched and searched for a genuine looking fairy duo and Princess & Co. delivered with these two fairies. These fairies were a hit with all kids, even the boys who were dressed up as pirates and they were able to keep the kids engaged and orderly! Well worth the money and even stayed a little extra, sang happy birthday with everyone for the birthday girl and posed for pictures. I am pretty sure every little girl who approached them got a hug from them and they were very sweet. If you are thinking of a particular character for your child’s birthday, contact them as they seem to be very open to trying new characters. Thank you, Tink & Periwinkle!
— Amelia H. from Austin (05/9/2015)
Elsa and Anna were great! The kids were ecstatic and couldn’t believe they were there and singing ! Everyone had a great time and they treated the birthday girl like royalty and were constantly by her every second. I will be calling your company again and referring y’all to anyone who will listen. We had a wonderful magical time. It was will worth the money. Thank you so much for making my princesses feel like a princess.
— Owens from Schertz (04/19/2015)
I had Queen Elsa come to my daughters 7th bday party and she was awesome! Very professional! She did great! I would highly recommend this company to anyone else!
— Elaine C. from San Antonio (05/2/2015)
Thanks to Elsa and Ana for making my 3 year Olds b day extra special. I can’t thank you enough. Even the big kids had a blast.
— Stacy H. from Hutto (03/15/2015)
Elsa and Anna came to my 3-year-old’s birthday party (I booked at the last minute because another company cancelled 2 days before my party!—Ouch). The costumes were so beautiful and just like the movie. The Queen and Princess treated my sweetie with such care and even taught the whole party how to be a princess. I was overwhelmed by the professionalism of the entire process from the first phone call to the last goodbye hugs from the characters. I have been to many birthday parties and have seen some rotten performers before. These girls were put together and polished. Thank you Princess & Co. for your special talents and for saving the day.
— Serena W. from San Antonio (03/06/2015)
We had a party this past Sunday and it turned out the party was right along the marathon path. So, I called you guys and someone picked up immediately. You were so easy to work with and flexible. Minnie Mouse was a huge hit with my daughter. I love that you brought two helpers for the games and crafts. I would recommend you over and over again. Great job!!!
— Shana L. from Austin (02/15/2015)
Princess & Co. did an amazing job! When they arrived the look on the children’s faces was classic. These girls were magical. Their snow queen was beautiful, and an amazing singer. Their snow princess had incredible energy! Overall, I would recommend this company to each and everyone of you reading this. The performers are professional, affordable, and are completely amazing! The bring magic where ever they go and both children and adults will love them!
— Breanna K. from New Braunfels (01/20/2015)
We booked Princess & Co. for our granddaughter’s 4th birthday. We were so glad that we did. The Snow Queen called about 10 minutes before the booked time and let us know she was on her way. When she got here (on time) she made our granddaughter feel very special as she was very patient and attentive and looked and sounded just like Elsa. Beautiful Voice!!! My granddaughter thought this was the best birthday everrrrr!!! Thank you for making this a memorable day for Our Princess!!!
— Teresa L. from San Antonio (07/25/2015)